Don’t Let Your Make Up Brush Break Up!!

Hi Guys,

Just thought I would remind you all how important it is to

wash your make up brushes after each application.

This is so important because it will stop you spreading blemishes,

and will make your make up go on even every time.

There are two ways you can wash your brushes:

Spot cleaning (This is great if you’re in a rush)

How I like to do this is I spray some surgical spirits (you can

buy this at any chemist) onto a baby wipe and swirl my brush

around on it. The surgical spirits sterilizes and the baby wipe

takes out any old colour.

However every now and then you will need to deep cleanse:

Pour some baby shampoo into the palm of your hand, wet

your brush and swirl the brush round in the shampoo, then

thoroughly rinse, making sure ALL of the shampoo is out.

It’s very important that while you are washing your brushes

you keep them with the bristles facing downwards, because

if water gets into the metal part (the ‘ferrule’) then this can

come apart from the handle.

To dry your brushes leave them lying on a window sill with the

bristles hanging off the edge to let the air all around the brush.

If you do these steps you will ensure that your brushes last a

lot longer and you also get the best results every time.





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