Hot Pink Barbie Style!

Hi Guys!

So we all know pink lips are the new red lips for Spring/Summer 2011. The trick to this look is finding the right SHADE of pink to suit your skin type.

If your not too sure about wearing shocking pink lips during the day, why not try a subtle pink gloss and work your way up from there!

Here’s some products I love to use on any skin tone:

This is a Gosh lipstick called ‘Barbie’ and it has an amazingly soft texture almost like a lip balm but is quite pigmented so lasts ages!

This lipgloss is Inglot’s Einstein! It is available in 6 shades including an orange shade, a reddish shade, and a pinky shade. It is not very pigmented but adds a great 3d dimension when layered over a base colour. I use the shade above over my Gosh Barbie lipstick. This lipgloss gives a gorgeous iridescent finish and lasts ages, even when sipping malibu’s! (As I found out!)

Usually if I am wearing really bright lips I will tone down my eyes- maybe just some liner and mascara, and keep the blush to a minimum. You don’t want to look like you hopped straight out of the 80’s!

I also like to match my lips to my nails- So one nail varnish I love is Pink Rose from Gosh. It gives great coverage on the first go and dries really fast!

So try out different shades of pink and find one you love! Once you know which shade suits you its up to you to go as neutral or wild as possible!





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