Back To School Make Up

Hey Guys,

So for many of you out there it’s that time of year again… time to fish out that dusty uniform, schoolbag (Probably with last years sandwiches still in it!) and books. Back to the early mornings….

Let’s face it, for the first few days of school we are all organised, getting up an hour earlier than necessary, spending ages on our hair and make up, almost looking forward to school! But after the first week you just want to be back on your Summer holidays having your lie-ins! Well here’s a few tips for quick and easy back to school make up that’s simple to replicate and quick – leaving more time to catch up on the homework you were meant to do the night before!

So the first thing you will want to do is wash your face, get rid of any dead skin cells by exfoliating 1-2 times a week.

Once you have dried your face, apply some lip balm (Applying lip balm now means it will have soaked in by the time you have done your foundation).

Next you are going to have to prep your skin. Apply a pea-sized amount of primer, and leave to sit for a few minutes. This is going to give a smoother finish when you apply your foundation and will also make your foundation last much longer. There are many primers out there but three of my faves are:

Smashbox Photo Finish (This is great on dry/combination skin),

Benefit’s Dr.Feelgood (Slightly better for oily skin as it is waxier rather than liquid,

Mac’s Prep & Prime (Great for all skin types)

There are many cheaper drugstore primers also that work great such as:

L’orรฉal Studio Secrets

Gosh Velvet Touch

So once you have let your primer sink into your skin for a few minutes, apply your foundation – this can be done with clean hands (Great if you are rushing!)

If you usually fill in your eyebrows then that will be the next step, however, you can leave that out if you’re not a fan!

Powder all over (especially if you have oily skin) and highlight and contour if needed (although this can also be skipped)

For the more natural people you can just apply mascara and lipgloss now and you are done……

For those of us who like a little more make up read on!

A nice way to make your eyes to stand out is to apply a lighter colour (possibly with a shimmer) to the inner corners and then shade in the outer crease with a dark brown. Blend the darker shade out so you have no sharp lines!

Next grab your fave liner, black or brown usually works best, and line your eyes.

Follow up with mascara and lippy and you’re done!


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