Red Lip With A Twist…


Hey Guys,

So here’s a simple step by step way to get the perfect dramatic red lip for a night out!

1. Brush your concealer/foundation over your lips to create a good base. This will help the lipstick stay on longer. Just a thin coat though, if its too thick or won’t be as effective.

2. Apply a light dusting of powder (face powder or a matte eyeshadow similar to your skin tone).

3. Line your lips with a liner that is the same shade as the red lipstick. First line all around the outside of your lips, then fill in the full lip. Make sure it is even on both sides. Then go around the outside of the liner with a concealer to sharpen the edges.

4. Apply your lipstick (matte lipstick will last a lot longer but can sometimes feel a little dry) using a brush to give a more precise finish.

5. Fill in the corners of your lips with a dark red or purple liner and blend it lightly with the brush you used for your lipstick.

So it’s that simple to create the perfect red lip! The purple liner is great for a dramatic night look, however if you go very dramatic with the lips, tone down your eye make up slightly!

Also if you want you can add a gloss on top but it will smudge the colours together easier and won’t last as long on!

If you have any more suggestions of looks you want created feel free to comment below!




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