Tips For Getting Make Up Done

Hey Guys,

I constantly have a lot of questions about how to prepare for getting your make up done so I thought this would help a few of you!

So, here are a few little pointers to remember before getting your make up done.

1. Dont apply tan to your face. Yes, it will look a little strange having a tanned body and white face, but generally tan on your face is a little blotchy which makes your foundation look uneven. Also it blocks your pores so try avoid it if possible!

2. Don’t wear anything with an SPF. Ever wondered why you look tanned in person, but have a pale face in photos? It is because SPF reflects the light causing you to look pale where you have applied it! If you do your foundation yourself make sure to use one with a low/no SPF. This applies mainly to photographs.

3. Get your hair done first if you are having it washed as most of the time the hairdresser will accidentally wet around your hairline!

4. Exfoliate face the night before. This will remove any dead skin and give a perfect base.

5. Have your tan on before getting make up done. This makes it easy for a make up artist to match your tan.

6. Bring pictures of the look you want. Generally the make up artist will ask you a lot of questions before doing your make up but there can still be different opinions for example a lot of people ask for black smokey eyes when they really mean dark brown etc.

7. Scrub your lips with moisturiser and a toothbrush the morning of/night before. This will remove any dead skin and get your blood flowing to your lips. This also makes your lipstick last a little longer!

With all that in mind, never be afraid to tell a make up artist if something is too dark/light etc. as its easy for a make up artist to fix and saves you trying to fix it when you get home!

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Hope this helps!





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