9 Simple Steps To Beautiful Brows

Hey Guys,

So one of the most popular things I get asked daily is how do I fill in my brows. Recently brows have become the most important feature on a woman’s face – I thank Cara Delevigne! It is one of my favourite trends so far – I remember the days of tweezing your brows to within an inch of their life, which, lets face it – either made you look very harsh, or really surprised!

If you were a slave to 90’s trends, then chances are you tweezed your brows far too much and have serious trouble trying to grow them back. There are many serums etc. that can help them grow, however, I have a quick 5 minute fix that will give you the perfect Lily Collins brow.

Brows are so important, they really frame your face and can make you look years younger when done right.

With that in mind, if you have stray hairs you will want to neaten them first. Here is my step by step guide on how  I trim and fill in my brows. I only trim them weekly however I will never leave the house without filling them in!

Here are the tools I use to trim and fill in my brows. There are many different products to use but just use what you find easiest! I am using my cousin as a model for this as she had asked me to do hers – sorry for the bad quality photos it was night so I had no natural light!


Trimming Your Brows:

Step 1 

Tweeze away any stragglers from under your brow. I also tweeze the top of my brows but you don’t have to.


Step 2

With a clean mascara wand, brush your brow hairs upwards and trim the long hairs.


Step 3

Brush your hairs downwards and trim the long hairs.


Step 4

Tweeze any hairs you may have between your brows (A uni-brow is NOT a good look!)


Once your brows are nice and neat its easy to keep them maintained by repeating this weekly. Try not to over tweeze your brows as this can look harsh and make you look older.


Filling In Your Brows:

Step 1

Using a gel eyeliner and an angled brush (90 Gel Liner from Inglot) draw a straight line under your brow. Make sure this is symmetrical on both brows as this is the most defined part of the brow.


Step 2 

Using the same gel liner, fill in the tail of your brow.


Step 3

Pick an eyeshadow in a similar shade to your hair colour, (I use 327 from Inglot) and fill in the rest of your brow. Don’t make the start of your brow too squared off. This doesn’t look natural.


Step 4

Use a concealer on a stiff concealer brush to define the top and bottom of your brow. This will make the brow look very defined and dramatic and is an optional step.


Step 5

Highlight the underneath of your brow with a light coloured eyeshadow. I use a white matte eyeshadow, but if you want a more natural look you can choose a light cream shadow or for a more dramatic look you can choose a shimmery eyeshadow.





With all that in mind just remember that natural is always better when filling in those bad boys! There are many ways to fill in your brows – this is just how I fill in mine. Hope this helps.





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