‘Au Naturel’ Sleek Palette Review


Hey Guys,

Just thought I would share my latest obsession – Sleek Products!

These palettes are so affordable and the pigmentation is great for a drugstore product. I purchased the ‘Au Naturel’ Eyeshadow palette and have to say – I was not disappointed. The palette itself is very durable and has a large mirror, an applicator (although I hate those sponge applicators I always use brushes), and 12 mineral based eyeshadows – a mix of matte and shimmer finishes.

There is not much fallout on these eyeshadows compared to the ‘Naked’ palettes for example. I love having this palette in my handbag as I know it is sturdy enough to carry around, my handbag gets thrown around a lot and I am constantly breaking powders etc.! It’s such a thin, lightweight palette, so doesn’t take up a lot of space in my bag.

I chose this palette as the colours in it are perfect for Autumn/Winter. The colour payoff is great and the eyeshadows really last all day. The only slightly dodgy thing is the black shade. When I use black I want it to be really really pigmented and this black shade isn’t the blackest – it takes a while to get it jet black. On the back of the box there is a brief description of how to use the colours to create different looks which I think is very useful for people who aren’t as confident using shadows.




Ok so here’s a detailed list of the colours and some tips on how I use them:

(Top Row Left To Right)

‘Nougat’ (Matte) – I use this as a highlight for under my brows and the inner corners of my eyes.

‘Nubuck’ (Matte) – This is a greyish toned matte shade that I love using under my eyes to give that smokey effect – I also use it as a transition colour to blend out ‘Noir’

‘Cappuccino’ (Matte) – Perfect transition colour, its a beige colour that is more on the warm side and is great for blending out warm browns or warming up cooler shades.

‘Honeycomb’ (Matte) – Slightly more yellow toned than ‘Cappuccino’ but I love this as a transition colour for ‘Toast’

‘Toast’ (Matte) – During the day I love using ‘Toast’ all over the lid, blended out with ‘Honeycomb’

‘Taupe’ (Shimmer) – I have been using this in the inner corner of my eye, all over my lid and sometimes as a face highlighter

(Bottom Row Left To Right)

‘Conker’ (Shimmer) – The red tone in this really brings out all eye colours, I use it all over the lid blended out with ‘Moss’ and ‘Cappuccino’

‘Moss’ (Shimmer) – really brings out brown eyes I love it blended on my lower lash-line

‘Bark’ (Matte) – Cold dark brown tone, works great as a substitute for black, its slightly softer than black

‘Mineral Earth’ (Shimmer) – This shimmery dark brown colour works great with a dark smokey eye blended out over the lid

‘Regal’ (Matte) – Warm dark brown absolutely love this shade blended out with ‘Toast’

‘Noir’ (Matte) – Dark matte black, amazing in the outer corner of the eyes and blended out in the lower lash-line to create a sultry smokey look


Overall I will definately be buying more sleek products. I would probably use them more on myself than on a client. I just feel they are perfect for carrying around and using day-to-day but I would like something a little more pigmented to use on a client.

If you have purchased any sleek products feel free to comment with your experiences below. Also if you know of any cult products that I need to review just let me know in the comments! To see more looks that I have created using this palette follow me on Instagram @RayTag





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