Review: Mac- ‘Objects Of Affection’

Hi Guys,

So, just before Christmas I celebrated (Not so much celebrated….. more like dreaded) my birthday. One of the presents that I had heavily hinted for was the Objects Of Affection collection from Mac.

The pigments were presented in little oval boxes with glittery lids and a cameo medallion in the centre. I am a sucker for packaging so I was sold from the get-go! There are three collections. The Silver & Blue Collection came with a glittery crรฉme lid.The Gold & Beige collection was topped off wit a sparkly grey lid, and last but definitely not least, The Pink & Rose set had a mysterious black glistening lid.



Each box contains five 0.09ounce glass bottles of magic…. There are 4 regular pigments and one glitter per set. Each set also has two shades that have been released before and 3 that are limited edition.




All of the pigments just glide on and are so easy to blend. I find for sticking the glitters ย it is best to use a base like a face primer, Duo Adhesive or Inglot’s Duraline. I tend to use an eyeshadow base always when applying pigments as it makes the colour come out a lot stronger and last a lot longer on. Also using a fluffy brush will help the pigments blend (In the crease), while using a stiff brush will make the colour more concentrated and packed on (great for on the lid/brow highlight).

Swatches - Objects Of Affection

Swatches – Objects Of Affection

I love mixing these pigments with Duraline to create lip stains or liners. The lighter pigments can be dusted on the top of the cheekbones to add a glow to the face and create a dewey look. I especially love ‘Whisper Pink’ and ‘Lithe’ as highlighters. ‘Tan’ and ‘Rose’ look great used on the cheekbones as a blush. It does state on Mac’s website that the pigments are not for use on the eyes however I regularly use them on my eyes and have had no problems – do a patch test first. I will be posting looks using these sets on my Instagram shortly. Feel free to comment any opinions below!

Vote for your favourite collection below!

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