How To Make Your Lips Look Fuller

Hi Guys,

Lately everybody is looking for the ‘Kylie Jenner Lip’. Now, while I do believe she has had fillers, I also think that you can achieve fuller lips just by using make up to your advantage.

Here is a quick pictorial on how I achieve fuller looking lips without needles!


1.  Exfoliate your lips by brushing them with a toothbrush. This will get blood flowing to your lips which will help plump them out.

2.  Brush a light layer of foundation/concealer over your lips and follow with a light layer of regular face powder (this will help any lipstick last much longer).

3.  Line the outside of your lips with a nude liner – I use number 63 from Inglot Cosmetics. To make your lips look fuller line slightly outside of your natural lip-line. If you have a smaller top lip and large bottom lip (or vise versa) just line the smaller lip outside the lip line and line the bigger lip normally. This will even out the shape.

4. Use the same lip liner and fill in the top and bottom corners of your lips.

5.  Fill in the rest of your lip with a nude lipstick. I use ‘Barely There’ from Wet’n’Wild. Make sure your liner is blended into your lipstick!

6.  Sharpen the edges of your lipstick by using a small amount of concealer on a stiff brush and outlining your lips.


So there you have it – fuller lips without the anaesthetic!

To see how I fill in my brows click Here.

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