Leo Di Caprio’s “Genius” Welsh Make Up Artist – Sian Grigg


Hey Guys,

So nowadays there are so many make up artists knocking about that they can get taken for granted. However, one man who appreciates his MUA more than most is Leonardo DiCaprio. He has described his personal make up artist as a “genius” and the Welsh born Sian Grigg (From Cardiff) has been nominated for an Oscar for her efforts in The Revenant.

Sian has been working with Leo since Titanic. She has also won other awards including BAFTA Award Winner for ‘Best Make-Up & Hair’ on ‘The Aviator’

Leo thanked Ms Grigg during his acceptance speech at the Golden Globes, where he won the Best Actor Award for the film.

“My make-up artist, Sian Grigg, you are an unbelievable talent, thank you for all the genius that you brought to this movie” he said.

Click here to see the full speech. Always nice to see a true gent appreciating a work of art!

Also here is what Sian Grigg had to say about doing DiCaprio’s makeup for The Revenant: Sian Grigg – The Revenant.

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