Top 5 Reasons To Wear Sexy Lingerie.

Hey Guys,

OK, so it’s February again…. which means, that little chubby man with a bow and arrow is just around the corner. Whether you are in a relationship, looking for love, or having some no-strings-attached fun, one thing is for sure…… you want to feel sexy. No matter what size or shape you are, sexy lingerie will make you feel amazing!

Here are my top 5 reasons to wear sexy lingerie (As if we needed any!)

  1. You feel glamourous… – Wearing a matching bra and underwear makes you feel sexy even if you throw your most boring clothes on top!
  2. It flatters and accentuates your curves – One thing I will always say.. get properly measured for your bra-size. You wont believe the difference it makes. Wearing a bra thats too small only leaves you with 4 boobs and muffin top on your back!
  3. You feel empowered – Studies show that when women have important business lectures/events, wearing sexy lingerie boosts your confidence, and gives you a feeling of empowerment.
  4. You ooze confidence – And there’s nothing more attractive than a woman who’s confident and in control.
  5. He will enjoy it – Don’t think I need to elaborate in this point… but, you walk into a room, he sees what you’re wearing… boom.

Of course another tip I would have is wear what you feel comfortable wearing! Don’t go to the gym wearing a full corset and suspenders under your trackies!

I have an obsession with lingerie and since moving to the UK I have been on the prowl for some high quality bodysuits. My favourite site to buy off so far is Fever Lingerie. Their products are so well made and there really is something for everyone. The have a huge range of bodysuits, lingerie, dress up outfits and role play, hosiery, bodywear, wigs and even eyelashes. Wether you want a cute bra-let and matching french knickers or full on bondage, they will have something for you!

Fever Lingerie are on all social media platforms including Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

My favourite piece from Fever Lingerie is the Midnight Passion Bodysuit £23.99 (Below) and at the moment they have 15% off when you use discount code Love15.


I will be wearing this bodysuit for Valentine’s Day with a pair of wet look trousers, knee high boots and a sheer shirt. I love how you can see the detail through a sheer shirt.

Want to see what Make Up Look I will be wearing for Valentine’s Day? – follow my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and I will be posting it here also!

Shipping is really fast so if you order now you you will get your gift on time for Valentine’s Day! Enjoy your Valentine’s Day and stay sexy!

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